Monday, April 29, 2019

The Dream Closet

Photo: Shared via Stark Carpet

If you're anything like me you find joy in organizing & arranging the items that you hold dear. Some people find this process daunting because it involves sorting, folding, piles, and tidying up. I, though, find it empowering and a pleasant way to keep everything in its place. One of the spaces that I like to keep pretty is my closet. Although some of the closets shown below rival the size of my bedroom, I like to keep inspirational images in mind when organizing. I arrange by season, but also by occasion, and like to display my shoes & bags in a separate closet that my husband so lovingly acquiesced to me when we chose our apartment. I also maintain a separate piece of furniture for my pajamas and ladylike items ; )

These dream closets were designed with great thought and emphasis on both beauty and functionality. Designing the perfect closet requires attention to fine details such as the door and cabinet design, hardware, lighting, and finishes. I hope that they will provide you with a few good ideas on how to arrange your items or even inspire you to design a new closet in your own home! Enjoy scrolling and for more closet inspiration please visit my Closet Pinterest Board

Photo: Unkonwn

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