Saturday, April 13, 2019

Staying Neutral

Photo: Greg Tankersley

People often ask me how to achieve a dreamy bedroom that manages to be both comfortable and romantic. I always answer that decorating with neutral tones is the most effective way to achieve a refined look, no matter the space. However, soft tones often lend themselves to drawing attention to imperfections, so be careful that you don't have your new puppy (who isn't yet potty trained) running around your pretty neutral space. If your bedroom is an "at-risk" zone for small children or animals, then I suggest utilizing more practical materials on the rug and wall treatment; for example, painting rather than papering or spending more on elements that don't have as much exposure to accidents, like lighting and accent pieces. 

Sometimes people think that decorating with neutrals will result in a space that looks bland, but, ironically, it is the exact opposite when executed properly.  There are so many different ways to use a soft color palette to enhance visual interest in a space; for example, texture and tone. A neutral wall treatment that showcases different shades of grey, or a beautiful off-white alpaca rug that adds a one-of-a-kind texture, will always elevate any space! 

I hope you enjoy scrolling through several of my favorite bedrooms. If you would like to see more stunning neutral spaces or dreamy bedrooms, then please visit my Neutrals Pinterest Board or Bedrooms Pinterst Board

Photo: Max Kim-Bee
Photo: Veere Grenney Associates

Photo: Michael Moran

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