Friday, August 16, 2019

Kitchen Collectibles

Many of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens, whether entertaining or just going about our daily routines with family. Aside from the finishes (cabinets, lighting, hardware, etc.), you should fill your kitchen cabinets with items you love! Below are a few examples of how ceramics, glass, and silver collectibles that you may already have (or that you can start collecting) can completely transform your kitchen from basic to luxe. Shop for a few items here too! For more kitchen inspiration visit my dedicated Pinterest kitchen board.

Tip: Don't be afraid to select a dark cabinet finish. White ceramics and polished silver collections look stunning against daring darks!

Kick-start your collection with a few of these lovelies!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Outdoor Escapes

Weekends are the perfect time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, especially in your personal oasis. Private outdoor spaces are such fun to decorate; they can either flow from the inside out or be totally different. Scroll through several inspiring outdoor living spaces and click here for more!


Photo Credit: Unknown

Monday, August 5, 2019

Top 10 Bermuda Moments

Close your eyes and pretend you have a frozen cocktail in your hand and warm Bermuda sun shining down on you. Okay, now open. Don't you feel better? Probably not, but you can if you actually visit! My husband and I had a tough spring after the passing of a loved one and we really needed a vacation to relax, heal, and just spend some quality time together.  Bermuda is such a special place and we had an amazing time not only enjoying the beautiful summer weather and fantastic meals together, but also celebrating a big birthday for my husband. 

Now that we are back in New York City I thought you may enjoy seeing some of my favorite memories from our most recent trip to Bermuda. Enjoy!

For more Bermuda pics and inspiration please visit my dedicated Pinterest Board here

1. Private poolside cabanas with unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean

2. Croquet courts lined with yellow hibiscus

3. Waking up from mid-day naps to the crisp white Bermudan rooftops that live just below the blue skyline

4. Sunbathing on beaches of pink sand...

...with Patron in my cup

5. Gorgeous natural surroundings

6. Sleeping in...

...and then breakfast on our balcony

6. Cocktail hour in the Conservatory

I don't normally drink gin, but we took part in a gin tasting at our hotel and I discovered a new favorite summer cocktail: The Bloom (pic above)
Bloom gin
Fever Tree elderflower tonic
Fresh strawberries

8. Beating my husband at life sized checkers... twice

9. Learning about Bermuda Cup Match from a shortbread cookie delivery (Cricket themed cookies above)

10. Dining!!
Yes, that is octopus carpaccio above. It was one of my favorite dishes

And, traveling with Dapper, our puppy, made our trip extra special!


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